WE are the winner of  THe  HARD  ROCK  RISING  CONTEST  2015


powered by reverbnation  at  Hard  Rock  cafe (BERLIN) 



Here's some feedback from the jury during the contest:



Howie (Yagaloo - Das Musikmagazin): „[...] I have great respect for you guys. […] In my opinion it was a great show, it was sweaty, it was dirty, it was loud, was pure rock and roll...that's how I like it. Thanks for the performance.


Martin Goldenbaum (Songwriter, Musician)„That was great. It's like Misfits Style, Danzig, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper. All the bands that I used to listen to in my youth, that I actually still listen to. Great stage performance [...] I can't add anything else, it was SUPERB!“


Katharina Stauch (journalist STARFM)„[...]You really kicked ass. [...] It was so energetic. Your stage performance is incredible. You're all great musicians, your energy is so good and you look really professional. I think this location is way too small for you, you need a big stage.“


Claus Keule Capek (Producer, Composer @ BMG)„Thank you guys. You really rocked the shit out of the crowd. Compliments. I think you should just directly go to Wacken. I really do like your energy. All of you guys know how to play your instruments and how to sing. And it was huge fun to listen to it.“


Kris Kolumbus (Singer @ Kolumbus Kill)„Wow!! You guys look great. You nailed it. I loved the music but one of the best things I saw tonight was your fans dancing. And that's what music is about. Is that reaction of the people that love your music. You were amazing. It was inspiring.“





Thomas Franke @ StarFM Radio's review about the Hard Rock Rising Final in Berlin


Interview from Berliner "Projekt Zukunft" website with Michael Weiner from Howie's YAGALOO.

Check out some pictures from our visit to YAGALOO "Das Musikmagazin" Studios HERE

Rock’n’Roll in Fuggertown: The V’s in Augsburg


One muggy weekend in the month of June, The V’s came to Augsburg to rock the medieval city in good old Bavaria. In the course of the theatre festival “Spielraum Mitte – das Gefühlscamp” the rockers from Berlin performed on the evening of June 12th, 2015 in Augsburg city centre, right behind the theatre. The setting was simple, but impressive: In the triangle between the theatre’s main building, its smaller stage called “Brechtbühne” and some iconic theatre bars a small open air platform had been put up across the streets. Traffic was diverted to create space for artists, actors and bands to perform and for all interested people to stop by and listen – for free!

After an energetic opening with “Hangin’ around with us”, “Forbidden” and “Dark Party”, The V’s had the Augsburg crowd had fully warmed up to rock on with songs like “Liar” or “Memories”. But it was not just with their own songs that the guys thrilled their audience: Augsburg’s hardrock lovers and theatre enthusiasts danced and jumped to classics like “Commando” by the Ramones or Nirvana’s “Breed”, even though some raindrops already found their way to the stage.

The intense vocals by frontman EzZe, the stirring guitar riffs by Roman "The Butcher" Fleischer and Mr Sinister Kris combined with the vigorous drum beats by Adan Bonilla Morales enthralled the crowd and delivered pure and yet dirty rock music.

For nearly an hour, Augsburg was enlightened by the spirit of rock under the open sky – and is begging The V’s to return!


By Tanja Landsberger