Since their formation in 2012, The V's have been on a rock 'n' roll journey like no other. With the only permanent members, the dynamic duo of Ezze and Roman Fleischer at the helm, the band has weathered the winds of change with unwavering passion.


Over the years, The V's have seen various bassists and drummers join their ranks, each contributing their unique rhythm to the band's evolving sound. From Jacob Sullivan to Mr. Sinister Kris and Andy Paruschke on bass to Mathias Uredat, Henk Hölzen, and most recently, Adan Bonilla, who laid down the beats on their upcoming album set to drop on October 13, 2023.


Their discography boasts two official releases: the debut album "Dawn" in 2013, and the captivating "Narcolepsy Girl EP" in 2016. But in 2020, after having produced, recorded and mixed an entire new album, life threw a curveball, leading Ezze and Roman to temporarily step away from The V's.


Fast forward to 2023, and the stars aligned. Their desire to share their finished album couldn't be denied any longer. "Dusk" was born, marking a poignant full circle from their debut, "Dawn."


But it doesn't stop there. The V's are poised to bring their music to life once more, hitting the stage and thrilling fans anew. With a history of playing iconic venues, touring cities like Madrid, and winning Hard Rock Cafe's "Hard Rock Rising" competition in Berlin, their comeback promises to be epic.


After the release of their single, video, and album, The V's are gearing up for a tour in 2024.





Stay tuned for their electrifying return, as The V's rise again,

louder and stronger than ever before.